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Date: 12th January 2016

Sub: Event Report- SDC EC’s Colour Event 02/2016 Twin Lecture at SOFT Pune.

The Society of Dyers and Colourists Education Charity, India (SDC EC) in association with School of Fashion Technology, Pune organised a Twin Lecture Program on ‘Importance of Colour Psychology in Fashion’ and ‘Sustainability – New Challenges for Brands and Retailers’ at School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune on Tuesday, 12th January 2016.

These lectures were attended by more than 200 Students, Faculties, Heads of the Department and Principals from the institute. The event was also attended by industry professionals.

The event began with Welcome Address by Dr. M.M. Hundekar, Principal, SOFT, Pune. She welcomed the speakers and SDC EC Mumbai Chapter office bearers on the dais to start the event.

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This was followed by presentation about SDC and its future activities, presented by Mr. Yogesh Gaikwad, Director, SDC International Limited. Mr. Yogesh Gaikwad gave details about SDC membership, qualifications (ASDC, FSDC etc.), Knowledge Vault on SDC website and many other benefits of membership. He emphasised that special benefits are available to student members for their learning and growth.


The First presentation was on Importance of Colour Psychology in Fashion’ by Ms. Jyoti Manral, Design Thinking & Innovation Expert.

Ms. Jyoti Manral, started her presentation with images of food items. She further explained the psyche behind the most popular colours – black and red. She went on to explain how global trends affect selection of colours by trend forecast companies. She explained with example of various colours chosen by Pantone starting with year 2009.


The second presentation was on Sustainability – New Challenges for Brands and Retailers’. It was presented by Mr. Ullhas Nimkar, CCol FSDC, Chairman & Managing Director, Nimkar, Tek Technical Services Pvt. Ltd., Thane.

He said that Sustainability is the need of the hour for our planet. Today with our global population exceeding 7 billion and an annual consumption of 7 kg of clothing per person, the production of textiles & related products has taken on gigantic proportions. Brands are increasingly realizing that the large quantities of chemicals being used to manufacture textiles, are leading to environment issues.

The textile industry has come under scrutiny over the last 20 years with hazardous chemicals found in end articles and in wastewater discharged from production facilities. This has led to several initiatives by governments, NGOs, Media and Brands. Ecolabels have been leading as private initiatives offering practical solutions. The presentation covered the various actions that have been taken up by the industry and the challenges that will be faced in the future as we move towards the goal of achieving sustainability throughout the supply chain.


A book ‘Colour Technology- Tools, Technology & Applications’ by Mr. V.C. Gupte was donated by SDC EC to the college library.

Colour measurement and colour control have become an integral part of any colour industry due to advanced colour software and high us of computers, colourist today gets and ready repot or solution, but at the same time it makes him forget the basic principles as well as analytical & observation skills. The writer has emphasized both these basics while covering colour applications.

The event was concluded by a vote of thanks, extended by Mr Sumit Gupta, Hon. Secretary, Mumbai Chapter, SDC EC.

new1The workshop was conducted by renowned Fashion Designer Mr. Rahul Mishra and Ms. Divya Mishra on Fashion Design Process and Collection Development. The workshop was intended to make students aware of the Design Process which can be applied for making their Final Design Collection of the Course.
Workshop By German Designers
wsbgd1Benjamin Itter delivered a lecture about fair trade and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
wsbgd2Philippe Werhahn taught the students his special re- and up cycling techniques – how to make a fancy dress out of a shirt. The goal of the event was to create a sustainable network and inspire future cooperation in field of green fashion.
Contemporized Jewellery making by renowned German Designers. -Mr. George Dobler
(Contemporized Jewellery Designer, Germany)
-Ms. Margit Jaschke
(Contemporized Jewellery Designer, Germany)
-Mr. Sham Patwardhan-Joshi
(Contemporized Jewellery Designer, India)
-Mr. Anwar Shaikh (Bead maker Artisan)

Final year design students

Tradition-Possession and Beyond
The workshop was conducted by the Max Mueller Bhavan in collaboration with School of Fashion Technology. The work shop was conducted by all three famous German Jewellery Designers for making the Contemporized Jewellery using all waste, natural and Natural beads as materials.The work shop also included a demonstration of making “Stone Beads” using natural stones. The beads were especially hand crafted by the Artisan Mr. Anwar Shaikh from Gujarat who is very well known for his talent of Bead making.
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Mr. Sham Patwardhan-Joshi
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Mr. George Dobler Ms. Margit Jaschke
Fashion Forecasting Seminar (Spring Summer 2014) In association with Promostyl, Paris
Speakers – Mr. Rahul Mehta (President CMAI)
– Ms. Delphine Longue (Senior Women’s wear Designer, Promostyl)
– Ms. Chloe Grey (Senior Men’s wear Designer, Promostyl)
– Ms. Lavika Gulati (Project Manager & Business Coordinator Promostyl) The Work shop was inaugurated by Mr. Rahul Mehta, President CMAI, Mr. Vishwas Dewal, Chairman, MKSSS and Dr. Manju Hundekar, Principal SOFT. The workshop was conducted by specialized Fashion Designers in Women’s and Men’s wear, Promostyl Ms. Delphine, Ms. Chloe and Ms. Lavika on future Fashion trends in the season Spring Summer2014. The workshop was arranged in collaboration with PROMOSTYL- A renowned Fashion Forecast agency from Paris.The workshop was attended by second and final year students and also by Renowned Industry professional like Meher Castelino (Senior Fashion Journalist), Mr. Santosh Kataria (MD, Crystal International), Ms. Nivedita Saboo (Renowned Fashion Designer) & Mr. Gautam Jain (Owner Kushal Threads)
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Mr. Rahul Mehta, Mr. Vishwas Dewal, Dr. M. Hundekar & Renowned Industry Professionals
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Renowned Industry Professionals Ms. Delphine Longue & Ms. Chloe Grey
Chitrakathi (Traditional Maharashtrian craft portrays Ramayana and Mahabharata stories)The workshop was conducted by the Artisans who are the main promoters of the dying craft of Maharashtra to revive the craft through workshops and training. – Mr. Parshuram Gangawane (Chitrakathi Artisan)
– Mr. Eknath Gangawane
– Mr. Chetan Gangawane

Second year design students

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Mr. Parshuram Gangawane, Mr. Eknath Gangawane, Mr. Chetan Gangawane with Mr. Raju Sutar & Asst. Prof. Umesh Dharmadhikari
wsbgd13 wsbgd14

Students who attended Chitrakathi Workshop

Graduating Fashion Show
All the Final year students from FDCT & FAD showcase their Design collection which includes their devotion, hard work and efforts they put throughout the course.The inputs for the Design Collection were given by Mr. Hemant Trevedi, Renowned International Fashion Designer, Tutor and Stylist from India.The Design Collection was also guided by Internal Faculty mentors of SOFT.The Design collection was examined and judged at all the stages from Paper to Product by the esteemed Fashion Professionals from the Industry.The final Judgment of the Design Collection was done by a panel of expert Industry Professionals like Mr. Rahul Mehta (President CMAI),Ms. Meher Castelino (Ex. Miss India & Senior Fashion Journalist), Ms. Nivedita Saboo (NIFT Gold Medalist and International Fashion Designer), Ms. Sasha Rosella Gemeli (Italian Fashion Designer), Ms. Amrita Thapar (Ex. Miss India & SOFT Student), Ms. Mousumi Ghosh (Assistant Product Designer, Madura Lifestyle), Ms. Falguni Gokhale (Communication Designer, NID), Ms. Corina Manual (Editor, Femina Magazine), Ms. Rasika Wakalkar (Owner, Rudraksh, Multi Designer Outlet, Pune)
wsbgd15 Mr. Hemant Trevedi, Internal Design Mentor being felicitated by Dr. M. Hundekar
wsbgd16 wsbgd17

Esteemed Jury Panel

Awards @ Fashion Show
wsbgd18 wsbgd19

Best Denim Collection Award of Rs.50000/- sponsored by “ONLY”- for collection -4 D’s- Distressed, Deconstruct, Detail & Deliver

Best Collection of the year- “Autumn Sonata”

wsbgd20 wsbgd21

Best Constructed Collection- “Savor the Flavor”

Best Collection of the year- “4 D’s- Distressed, Deconstruct, Detail & Deliver”

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Best Collection-Surface Detail- “Fiesta Funda”

Most Creative collection- “Devotional Healing”

Introductory session for Freshers for 2012- 2013Interaction by Ms. Nivedita Saboo with the fresher’s of SOFT regarding different career opportunities after finishing the course and discussed various areas of Fashion stream. And also discussed queries of the students related to fashion world. Ms. Nivedita Saboo
(Gold Medalist from NIFT & International Fashion Designer)

Fresher Students

Introductory session for Freshers for 2012- 2013

Interaction by Ms. Meher Castelino with the fresher’s of SOFT regarding the fashion world and its myths. Also discussed 10 steps to become successful fashion designer & shared her experiences of being a fashion journalist.

Ms. Meher Castelino
(Ex- Miss India & Senior, Fashion Journalist)

Fresher Students

Introductory session for Freshers for 2012- 2013

Being a celebrity fashion designer Mr. Rahul Mishra discussed his career success. Also shared his dreams, passion and career record with students. The discussion included the invention of design that helps them to visualize the designs.

Mr. Rahul Mishra
(International Fashion Designer & Stylist)

Fresher Students

Surface Ornamentation Techniques

The workshop was conducted by Italian Fashion Designer Ms. Sasha on Surface Ornamentation Techniques. The workshop was intended to develop the students skills on creative surface developments based on theme.

Ms. Sasha Rosella Gemeli
(Italian Fashion Designer)

Final year design students

Design Process and Collection Development

Mr. Rahul Mishra (Fashion Designer and Stylist) &
-Ms. Divya Mishra (Fashion Designer)

Final year design students