Criteria 4

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The Local Managing committee and principal decide the policies based on the UGC and SNDT university guidelines. There are various committees for the successful completion of procedures.

  • Infrastructure committee
  • Purchase committee
  • Library advisory committee


Physical facilities

  • Provision of 2 LIFTs which is being utilized by all the staff members and students. One lift is from ground floor to 4th floor and the other is from the basement to the 4th floor.
  • Provision of ramp at the entrance for physically disabled persons.
  • In case of medical emergency a car is kept so that the students can be taken to nearby hospital.
  • The maintenance of infrastructure facilities like toilet blocks, replacement of fire extinguishers, electric work, plumbing, water cooler, and water tank is on contract basis and facilitated by parent organization maintenance department.


Academic facilities

  • All the classes are equipped with LCD projector. A dedicated staff member from the computer department is responsible for the maintenance of the projector.
  • All the computer labs and construction labs have lab attendants who are required to maintain all the machineries and take care of any problem faced by students in the functioning. Instructions are given to all the students at the beginning of class. Every construction lab, textile lab has information board.
  • All the computer labs are equipped with internet which is used by all the students and faculties for classes and research purpose.
  • All the students of fashion design and textile design have access to dyeing and printing and weaving lab.A lab attendant is there during the college hours to help students for their work.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched off during class hours.
  • The students are provided with plug points to charge their laptops and mobiles as and when required.
  • There is a resource center in library from where students are given fabrics for the lectures. The fabrics are given to students who participate in various national and international design competitions.
  • A well-equipped library is there with books related to all the specializations offered at SOFT. Various international forecasts with fabric swatches are available for students and faculties which they can use for their respective subjects, assignments and research. The students are issued library cards. The library rules are displayed in the library.


Sports facilities

  • A sports coordinator is available during the college hours. All the sports equipment's are kept in a sports room and a register is maintained for the entry of student whenever equipment is taken by students.
  • Ground facility is provided to students for physical fitness.

Other facilities

  • Water recycling plant-STP plant facility is there for water recycling. Recycled water is used for various activities like for gardening and toilets in the college premises.
  • A dead stock register is maintained where all the functional and nonfunctional equipment's are mentioned.