Fashion Styling, Communication & E-Commerce

(FSCE - Entrepreneur)


International Fashion Education

Duration- 1 Year | Postgraduate Masters

Program Highlights

This one-year masters course offers a curriculum based upon practical skills, culture, and creativity within the context of the innovative global changes that are currently aligned to communication and commerce of the fashion product.


Within the evolving industry of fashion new multi-skilled professionals that are able to develop individual career paths and transform skills to fit the revolution across the areas of communication & commerce.


The work of the stylist as a single career path has changed dramatically over the past decade but the essential skill of creating a visual narrative with the use of fashion garments and accessories has remined at the core.

Many fashion graduates require the skills of the stylist to communicate and sell their product. There is a complex chemistry involved in the promotion of product through to a sale involving brand awareness and aspirational allure.

Educating the client through the visual narrative of the stylist for a variety of Communicative Outcomes , Brand Awareness, Commerce and the new player of Retailtaiment (retail-entertainment)


The course has been divided into three main subject areas, Styling, Digital Media and Business in turn these have been inserted into the structure of two semesters in an incremental manner.

All three subject areas also included different avenues of communication from visual to social media to branding and runs through the course under different headings.


From Fashion Styling I learning the basics progressing to more complex Fashion Styling II in the second semester.


NOTE : Reservation policy shall be applicable for Admissions as per State Government of Maharashtra for SC/ST/NT/SBC candidates  but scholarship and freeship shall be applicable only for the Scheduled Caste (SC) category students from Maharashtra.

“College reserves the right to make necessary changes in the Fee Structure assuring that the raise shall not increase more than 10% of the total Fees.

In case of Taxes and Levies by government, the implementation will be done at actual.”




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