Activities 2021

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The 8th edition of Green Fashion India- Pedagogy to manage Sustainability- a new challenge through Design Intervention to empower roots, embraced the prospective opportunities and challenges in managing sustainability in various sectors such as Design, Research, Educations, Industry, NGO's and Artisans.

The focus of the conference was to launch a pedagogical approach to initiate new perspectives to manage and organize Sustainable practices considering all the sectors. The conference led in creating solution through the approaches such as Design Intervention that not only address the loopholes in the field of grassroots but also empowers them

Participants: Over 250
Artisans: 12
Industries: 25
Designers: 15

Key Note Speaker Day 1 - Vijayalakshmi Nachiar

More than 98% of cotton grown in India today is genetically modified. We use 50% of the chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers in India on #Cotton alone, leaving our soil infertile, farmers forever in debt.

Key Note Speaker Day 1 - Katherine Soucie

M. (ethod) E. (xplore) N. (avigate) D. (esign) the outcome. Creative Reuse as a #Design Tool in Experimental #Sustainable #Textile Research. Mending has always been part of my vocabulary and way of thinking. Through acts of mending and creative reuse I was able to establish M.E.N.D. as design tool and method for transforming waste materials. Every brand or label should have its own manifesto which helps customers understand the value system of the brand, understanding of the brand and reflects the culture of the brand. Material of traditional methods. She also speaks about the influence of her country, it's cultural and geographical influence. San Soucie waste assessment – creative reuse + material research + processes + new applications + waste + handcraft application M.E.N.D. Manifesto – Design with purpose. Design for longevity. Design for resource #efficiency and recyclability – which means working locally, sourcing locally.

Key Note Speaker Day 1 - Hemang Agrawal

Owner of 'HEMANG AGRAWAL BANARES' brand. Also has collaborated with Ritu Kumar for Lakme fashion show. #Sustainability for Indian fashion: Sustaining livelihood of #Artisans is a Noble cause not a charitable one. Sustainability is a business; it is meant to be inside us. Sustaining art and the artist is very important. Also, to sustain the artists for their livelihood. As western #fashion is focusing on '#GoingGreen', so should the Indians too. Consumer serving should always be first. He has a formula- idea + #textiles + final #garments #Handloom and #handmade have a different product and result Always think about the consumer. Your idea and the textile you use should be in sync like "music". Everything that is handmade is not sustainable. We have to teach our artisans that new sustainable process as well as how it is better for them. Sustainability is for yourself and not for others. Sustainability is very well followed by the generations of today. Agrawal's work was featured on the Netflix Series "The Creative Indians" in 2020. An exquisite tapestry of culture, tradition and ancient craft, he produces #sustainablefashion that not just represents Benaras but quintessentially is #Benaras.

Key Note Speaker Day 1 - Adrien Roberts

Sustaining #artisans and #craft globally is part of the bigger picture of #sustainability = How – 1. Learning and researching crafts and skills 2. Understanding their connection to a locality and its culture. 3. Communicating with the product to safeguard and enhance the #heritage Global challenge to sustaining artisans' work – not just to repeat what has already been created for centuries, but to design with taste, towards markets that talk to Global fashion culture. Creating #Fashion Artifacts that have long life and iconic appeal. Adrien Roberts talked about the project - Hand in Hand 2021, which focuses on art, local #craftspeople, iconic fashion and #productdesign that was developed in collaboration with Fendi in the recreation of their iconic accessories. How it was critical to conduct in-depth study, exploration, and rediscovery of #localcraft in order to offer fresh aesthetic and modern design solutions from a global viewpoint. How students of all backgrounds contributed to the project by working together to include varied styles. Students' projects from Italy, Spain, and India were displayed. Newness is a key component of fashion. Various goods on display during the Fendi expo. Learning and researching crafts and skills to understand their link to location and culture is part of the wider picture in order to support artists and craft internationally. The evolving product will aid in the preservation of the heritage, communication of the craft, communication of talents, and creation of exquisite design.

KeyNote Speakers Day 2 – Avinash Mane

#Lenzing – Turning climate commitment into action. Making #decarbonisation a key priority with clear targets and commitments. First milestone set for 2030, when Lenzing plans to cut down on CO2 emissions per ton of product by 50 percent compared to a 2017 baseline. Lenzing is operational for past 13 yrs and is being well adopted in India as well as on commercial basis. More contributors or companies like Lenzing could be brought into this business. Look for other sustainable fibers also for the new generations. Sensitize the syllabus for the students. He takes care of the partnership and other things in the company. Lenzing X Satya Paul X Rajesh Pratap Singh. #Lenzingfiber is known for its sustainability. It is very well known in the south Asian market. What Lenzing is going to do – for all the fashion institute - is making the fabric available for them. Climatic changes - SDG's – sustainable development goals. Proper decomposition of the products. Making de-carbonization a key priority with clear targets and commitments. Lenzing has a goal of going #carbonzero by 2050. SCOPE 1 – Getting the raw material. SCOPE 2 – Converting the raw materials. SCOPE3 – proper usage of it. Need for a reduction in scope 3 Reduce, engage (collaborate) and offset (whatever the carbon is there). Making fibers in minimum carbon footprint residual. "True carbon zero" FIBER FAMILY –TencelModal, Trencel Micro Modal, TencelLyocell, TencelLyocell Filament. Always know the end application.

KeyNote Speakers Day 2 – Krishna Mehta

#GreenFashion – is going back to roots – it is like sowing goodness, righteousness, you will reap that thing. Work with these in your #design processes. #Clothing plays a very important role, so you need to be careful about the fibers you use, right #manufacturingmethods and so on. #ResponsibleFashion is also a part of Green Fashion. Believe in yourself, believe in your designs if you feel they are unique, and always keep an eye on profits. One can always reach their own higher potential when pushed for.

KeyNote Speakers Day 2 – Yogesh Gaikwad

In my view – "basically, if you make a product which lasts longer, then their #carbonfootprint is really very short/ smaller. Recycling too creates carbon footprints. Long –lasting and #fashionneutral products make sense when it comes to reducing carbon footprints. Be always curious, look at innovations around you, get inspired but never get dominated by them. Believe in your ideas, stick to them. We need innovation from young designer to reduce or to stop the garbage mountain. Think out of the box. Recreate, create difference in the society. Sustainability, regenerating farming, recycling. You can make fashion last long. As future Fashion Designers you should always be curious, look at innovations around you, Get inspired but never feel / get dominated by them.

KeyNote Speakers Day 2 – Patsy Perry

The #environmentalcosts of #fastfashion are huge and hazardous. "Downward price pressures cause un-sustainability in fashion" There should be minimum standards of behavior for all buyers to comply with to build a fairer marketplace for everyone and support decent jobs for global textile and garment workers – to achieve sustainability in Fashion. She talked about social responsibility in green fashion. Responsibility of people, consumers and manufacturers towards the end of supply chain that is the workers. Understanding the global supply chain from raw materials to the end product. From the origin of raw material to the retail of the end product is part of this chain. The transportation of the goods and the products contribute indirectly to the carbon foot print of this chain. This also includes the trims and accessories that support the manufacturing of a product. Cutting costs and time on products is chopping up the environment; human exploitation is a frequent part of the current supply chain. The cycle is decaying the quality of human life- of both the workers and the consumers. It is important to understand that the more is produced the more is dumped. There is no such thing as good, fast and cheap. One can only achieve two of these in a product. We can't do everything but we can understand if we really need it anyways. Fashion's social print in many ways is destructive. Characteristics of a global garment manufacturing would be competition, complex supply, labor cost and retailers looking to cut costs. With the current supply chain there is a power shift to retailers instead of the manufacturers. This pressures them to make things faster and shorten the design cycle. The risks are placed on the manufacturers. The cycle we are in right now puts the code of conduct at risk. Both the developing and developed countries are facing human exploitation trying to get through the cycle. The Covid lockdown in particular has been a nightmare of the worker exploitations in Bangladesh and UK. Retailers backing out from preplaced orders to avoid losses caused by Covid lockdowns have made it worse. The solution is in responsible sourcing and #ethicalmanufacturingpractices. Developing long term stable relationships with your manufacturers based on trust and loyalty. This makes the buyers more responsible by minimum standard of behavior towards manufacturers and workers. How to move forward? - Do not look for cheaper labor. Make the trade beneficial for both the parties involved. Build a fair and safe market to buy and work in. take responsibility of working towards a better global supply chain.

Empowering the Roots "The Power of Collaboration and Co-Creation"

This journey for "Empowering the Roots" outlines the search for our own Sustainable Practices and Processes that have achieved a commendable journey throughout generations and decades till the date.

The theme is about discovering opportunities to "REVIVE, REFRESH AND REGAIN" such practices that are rooted in our culture. It furthermore embraces the connectivity to bring ideas, Innovations, Connotations and Contexts that are collaborative and Co-Creative considering all the Patrons.

The varied array of collaborating and co-creating sustainable futures may include scientific reviews of age old processes, all analysis, creative explorations, creative and scientific experimentations, creative revitalisation, consumer centric approaches, health and hygiene centric approaches...all this but not limited to the field of fashion.

Empowering the Roots - The Power of Collaborations and Co-creations Through

1. Innovation (Technology and Advancements)
2. Rebuilding the Past (Revival of Crafts)
3. Circular Economy (Sustainable Practices and Processes)
4. Design Dimensions (Problem Solving, Special Needs, Special Products, Social Design & Business Models)
5. Social well-being (Community, NGO, Industry, Academia)

Day 1, 25th Nov 2021
  • 9.30 am to 10.15 am: Registrations (Online/Offline)
  • 10:20 am to 10:30 am: Snippets of Previous Conference.
Opening Session -10.15 to 11.00 am

Inauguration of Main Conference

  • Dr. Ujwala Chakradeo

    Chief Guest Hon. Vice Chancellor S.N.D.T. Women's University Mumbai


  • Guest of Honor, Chairman MKSSS Mr. RavindraDeo
  • President GFI: Ar. MohanaKadam
  • Secretary MKSSS: Dr. PVS Shastry
  • Secretary GFI:  Dr. M. Hundekar
  • AdvisorGFI:  Mr. Rahul Bhajekar
  • Advisor GFI: Mr. Benjamin Itter
  • AdvisorGFI:  Mr. Hemang Agrawal
  • Meher Castelino
Key-Note Speeches -11.00 to 1:15 pm
  • Hemang Agrawal

    Designer Managing Director at TheSurekha Group,
    Co-founder at HEMANG AGRAWAL &HolyWeaves

  • Adrien Roberts

    International Director of Education, ACM, Roma & Milano
    International Trustee, Graduate Fashion Foundation, UK

  • Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Nachiar

    Director - Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton Pvt. Ltd.
    Co-Founder of one of India's earliest sustainable fashion brands 'Ethicus'

  • Katherine Soucie

    Artist, Designer and Educator in Textile & Sustainable Practices.
    Consultant in sustainable experimental textile development.


    Managing Director at Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
    Panel Chair, Concluding remarks on Keynotes Session

Panel Discussion chaired by Mr.RahulBhajekar followed by Q & A session

Break -1:15 pm to 2.00 pm

Parallel Sessions - Paper Presentations, Students Competitions - 2 pm to 5:30pm
STUDENT'S COMPETITIONS - Jury Members will judge the display

  • Upcycling
  • Green Initiative
  • Craft Documentary
  • Installation
  • Flat lay click

PAPER PRESENTATIONS (6 Themes - 3 Papers)

  • Paper Presentations - Academicians
  • Paper Presentations - Students
  • Poster Presentation

Demo Artisanal Workshop 1 - Weaving

  • Paithani Textile
  • Pitloom - Kala Cotton
  • Khann

Demo Artisanal Workshop 2 - Block Printing

  • Dabu Block Printing
  • Ajrakh Block Printing
  • Sanganer Block Printing

Demo Artisanal Workshop 3 - Embroidery

  • Kutch Embroidery
  • Phulkari Embroidery
  • Applique Work

Demo 4 - Clamp &Bandhani (only for SOFT selected students)

Demo 5 - Lajwantiji, Lovelyji (only for SOFT selected students)

Tea Break 5:30 pm to 6 pm
6.00 to 6.30 pm Fashion Quiz – Meher Castelino
Fashion Show 6:30 pm to 8 pm
6.00 to 6.30 pm Sustainable Collection Showcase - Student's Competition
Special Collection Showcase by Vishwa Shah and NinoshkaAlvares-Delaney
Day 2, 26th Nov 2021
9:45 am to 10 am Snippets of Previous Conferences
10:15 am to 11:30 am
  • MOU Signing Ceremony
  • Felicitation of Artisans
11:30 am to 12:15pm

Re-Thinking Green Fashion India- an Institutional Brainstorming session with Head of all Institutes.
College Authorities review about next GFI Conference

  • New Activities
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Joint Research
LIVE WORKSHOP 10 am to 12 pm

Demo Artisanal Workshop 1 - Weaving

  • Paithani Textile
  • Pitloom - Kala Cotton
  • Khann

Demo Artisanal Workshop 2 - Block Printing

  • Dabu Block Printing
  • Ajrakh Block Printing
  • Sanganer Block Printing

Demo Artisanal Workshop 3 - Embroidery

  • Kutch Embroidery
  • Phulkari Embroidery
  • Applique Work

Demo 4 - Clamp &Bandhani (only for SOFT selected students)

Demo 5 - Lajwantiji, Lovelyji (only for SOFT selected students)

Break -12:15 pm to 1.00 pm
Key-Note Speeches -1.00 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Krishna Mehta

    Creative director, brand "Krishna Mehta", one of the fastest growing designer brands with an international character and appeal. Designer, mentor, and consultant in fashion.

  • Dr. Patsy Perry

    Reader in Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England, UK. Academic Lead for International at Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Yogesh Gaikwad

    Director – SDC (Society of Dyers and Colourists) International Ltd.
    A Passionate colour and textile colouration engineer with proven skills in fashion business management.

  • Avinash Mane

    Commercial Director at Lenzing Group, Leaders in smart and exciting solutions made from natural wood.

  • Arpit Shrivastava

    Regional Marketing & Branding Manager, South Asia, Middle East and Thailand at Lenzing Group.

  • Benjamin Itter

    Co-Founder & CEO, Lebenskleidung, Germany
    Panel Chair, Concluding remarks on Keynotes Session, Day 2

Panel Discussion chaired by Mr.BenjaminItter followed by Q & A session

Tea Break 3:30 pm to 4 pm
Valedictory Session 4 pm to 5pm

Prize Distribution and Valedictory Session

  • Chief Guest- Rahul Mehta

    President - CMAI and MD, Creative Garments Pvt. Ltd.


Guest of Honour, Chairman MKSSS Mr. Ravindra Deo
President GFI Ar. MohanaKadam

Secretary MKSSS, Dr. PVS Shastry,
Secretary GFI Dr.M.Hundekar
Advisor GFI Mr.RahulBhajekar
Advisor GFI Mr.BenjaminItter
Advisor GFI Mr.HemangAgrawal
Meher Castelino

Documentary presentation
Vote ofThanks




(Research Scholars
of PG and Faculties)


The participants are expected to send the
Abstract mentioning the following-
1. Sub Theme
2. Font-Times New Roman, 12
3. Title of the Abstract-Bold
4. 500 words
5. 5 keywords
6. Authors and Affiliations (Above all in APA Format)
ENTRY- Individual Author or Maximum- 2 Authors.

Abstracts to be
submitted till 28th
October 2021.

Notification for selected
Abstracts will be sent till
31il October 2021.
Full Paper Submission-
15th November 2021.

Green Initiatives

The participating institutes are expected to
send the CONCEPT NOTE for the Exhibit in
the following manner.
1. Sub Theme
2. Title of the Project
3. Objective of the Project
4. Product Specification
5. Photographs/ Drawings of the
6. Exhibit should include minimum 3 articles to be displayed.
ENTRY- Individual or Maximum group of 3

Projects are to be
submitted by 28th
October 2021.

Notification for selected
Participants will be sent
till 15th November 2021.


The participating students are expected to
send the following.
1. Sub Theme
2. Concept Note
3. Drawing or Sketch of the Installation.
ENTRY- Group of Minimum 3 students to
Maximum 6 students.
NOTE- Maximum 2 Entries per Institute.
Size of the Installation- Height- 3', Width- 6'.

Concept with Visualization in the
form of neatly rendered
sketches (Digital or Hand) to be
submitted by 28th October 2021.

Notification for selected
installations will be sent till 31st
Oct 2021

Competition –
Only for

The Student's Competitions are as follows-
1. Motif - My Way! (On the Spot)
Details: Students have to pick any one motif of
any famous craft and transform the same motif
to fit/apply into other crafts of different regions.

  1. MI- My Innovation! (On The Spot)

Details: Students will be given a Silhouette and a
Block / Embroidery Motif, which will be applied
to fill the same by creating variety in the same
3. My Access! (On The Spot)
Details: Students will design any One Accessory
using any one handicraft of India.

4. Flat Lay Click! (Pre- Conference Submission)
Details: Students will have to send 5 pictures of
Creative Concept Photo-shoot using any
Handcrafted Product of India with a Concept
Note of 200 Words.
-300 DPI, JPEG -Size A4
- Students will display their Creative Photo Shoot
Pictures at the Conference.

5. Say it Loud- Creative Posters! (On The Spot)
Details: Students are required to Design Posters
on any of the Sub Themes of the conference in
A1 size and showcase it on the day of the

6. Craft Documentary (Pre- Conference Submission)
Details: Students are required to send their Craft
Documentation Videos in the following format:
- Video should not be longer than 3-5 mins.
- Format should be in AVI, MP4.

7. Fashion Quiz (On The Spot)
Details: Group of 3 from each college will
participate in the Quiz on the day of the

8. Research Posters (Pre- Conference Submission)
Details: Students will have to send an abstract of
300 Words having Research Context.
After the selection notification, the Research
Poster will be displayed on the Conference Day with a Viva for the same.
Entry Can Individual or Group of 2.

9. Green Initiative Showcase
Details: Every Institute will send an Individual or
a group Entry to showcase Institutional Green
Initiative with following requirements.
-Inspiration, Concept, Mood Board, Story Board,
Final Sketches will be submitted for the Selection
- After the selection for the final Display of
Institutional Green Initiative, 3 Garments will be
displayed with all above boards with creative
NOTE: All the required Props will be arranged by
the respective Institutes.

Pre- Registration is
required for all the

The on the spot
competitions will be
conducted on 22nd
November 2021. The
competitions will be
conducted online.

All the details will be
share to the registered

The finalist will be
attending the conference
on campus and others
will attend online.

The competitions which
require the pre-
conference submission
have to submit till 28th .

October 2021 and
Notification for selected
Participants will be sent
till 31st October 2021.


The interested Participants should send  their
names through the concerned staff  of the
respective Institute only.
Name of the Participants with specific
Competition will be sent in Excel Format  Only.


Green Fashion
Show (Student’s
 Design Award)

The participation is based on a Group of Min. 3 to
Ma.5 Participants from Each institute.
Min. Entries per Institute- 2 Groups.
Participating groups are required to submit the
1. Concept Note for Collection-200 words.
2. Sub Theme and its interpretation in
the collection-200 words
(How the collection contributes to the
Main or Sub Theme of the
3.Final Illustrations (Min 6 Sketches with
4. Rendering and Technical details) THEME FOR THE GREEN FASHION SHOW "My Own Way” is
given at the end of the events.


Concept Note with Photographs
to be submitted by 28th
October 2021.
Notification for selected
Participants will be sent till 31th
October 2021.

Competition on

Upcycling Competition (For the Sustainable
Brand Ting Ding by Phillipe Werbahn)

  1. Students have to prepare a garment

 using the concept of 'Upcycling'.

  1. An e-mail with a Concept note of

 maximum 500 words with properly
clicked photographs to be sent on the
official e-mail id.

  1. The selected finalists have to send their

 Upcycled Creations for the showcase.


Ideas with neat sketches min. 3
with an Upcycling Concept
should be submitted on 28th
October 2021.
Notification for selected
Participants will be sent till 31th
October 2021.

Exhibit for SOFT
Alumnae. Only.

SOFT Alumnae who wish to participate in the
Exhibit need to fulfill following criteria.
1. Brief on the Company, Label or Initiative as Entrepreneur. (400 words)
2. Objective of the Initiative. (100 words)
3. Sustainable Products/Practices'
4. Product Range
5. Price Range
6. Photographs of Min. 10 Products.


Concept of the
Initiative or Business with details
of the Products with
Photographs to be submitted by
28th October 2021.

Notification for selected
Participants will be sent till 31th
October 2021.

The Brief on Theme: The "My Own Way Student design Award" by Green Fashion India is a sustainable FashionDesign Competition that essences on the "Self Expression for Empowering through Collaborations and Co- Creations" that inspire students to create 'Ecological and Wearable Clothing' specifically taking into account the diverse Indian traditional crafts. The Lead in Sustainability through Collaboration and Co- Creation; the competition puts emerging sustainable and Indian textile tradition "Co- Creating" Design talent in the spotlight, & creating a platform for the next generation of Indian designers via collaborations with Artisans, Designers, NGO & Industry etc.

The Details of the Competition:
Students are challenged to design a fashion collection that will keep in mind any of the sustainable practices that are "Co- Created or Collaborated".

  • Using one or more Indian traditional craft techniques and environment friendly fabrics and materials (Please highly consider organic cotton, organic wool, organic silk, organic linen etc.) - Even working with
    textile waste
  • Using the sustainable design techniques of zero-waste, up-cycling and recycling
  • Showing opportunities for the craftsmen and those involved in the textile supply chain


  • Create a concept note on "My Own Way" and submit the following for your open application:
  • Mood Board (illustrating the theme, inspiration and color of the entire competition collection)
  • Story Board (telling the fabric story, color story, details of the client, reference to styles etc.)
  • Design board (Create six Pje.t/Ready-to-wear outfit sketches (not complete outfits)

 All the submissions to be sent via email on only.
- The Participation for all the other events should be sent in Excel Format with following details.
1. Name of the Participant
2. Course and Year
3. Institution name
4. Contact Number
5. Event Participating in.
For any further queries kindly reach us at: or +91-020-66833700/701

The participants who need to attend The Conference
Participate In Competitions need to fill the registration form.
Link given as follows

For any further queries for Registrations kindly reach us at:
All the submissions to be sent via email on
Please find the account details below. Kindly mail us the
participation list along with the transaction ids
Smita - +91 7218016116    Amruta - +91 8329101992    +91- 020- 66833700/701

Please find the account details below. Kindly mail us the participation list along with the transaction ids
Name: School of Fashion Technology
Bank name: HDFC bank
Account type: Saving a/c
Address: Narhe Gaon, Pune 411041
Bank account No: 50100110937624
IFSC Code: HDFC0003721