Indian Fashion Art

Postgraduate Program | Duration- 1 Year A Special Course on Exploration & Innovation in Indian Embroideries, Indian Block Prints & Indian Weaves

Program highlights


“Crafting Fashion Professionals to convert Crafts into Commercial & Sustainable products having great Global value”


From Codesigned to strengthen the tie by exploring countless crafts of India from the perspective of Research and Design.
Community to Business, this Indian Fashion Art course is the course entitles the unique, exclusive & indigenous crafts of India with an active participation of Artisans having phenomenal skills with prestigious recognition of State/National awards. The course with essential infra and instructional content; assists in acquire necessary knowledge and skills for learning the Craft as well to convert the same into a promising entity of Fashion Entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the purpose of the course is; to deliver the uniqueness of Indian Crafts in order to continue to facilitate them as a Sustainable Future not only for artisans & community but also for the entity of responsible Fashion Professionals practicing Sustainability.
The course involves exploratory as well as contextual activities to acquire & cultivate the skills for specific Craft in order to establish its connectivity to the future of Fashion and Textiles market.

This course leads in creating sensitivity towards understanding Crafts and further identifying its future scope in the Glocal (Global + Local) Market to convert and promote them with a Commercial & Sustainable Product range having a great value.


  • Exploratory as well as contextual activities¬† with Artisan's involvement
  • Research and Design in order to bring new possibilities of product range.
  • Provision of essential infra and content to build an entity of Craft Entrepreneurs
  • Keeping a unique and exclusive identity of Crafts Intact.¬†
  • Connecting Global and Local markets.
  • Sensitivity to develop Commercial yet Sustainable product range.

Program Contribution

The Course “Indian Fashion Art” concentrates on various skill and knowledge domain of crafts such as Indian Embroideries, Indian Block Prints and Indian Weaves. The course involves a thorough exploration and Innovation that is in sync with Market as well as Client.



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