Who we are

Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha (MKSSS), an Indian education society engaged in women's education is the parent organisation of School of Fashion Technology (SOFT).

Established in 1896 with the objectives of upliftment, emancipation and education of women by the great visionary and social reformer Bharat Ratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, MKSSS, today has more than 64 Institutes running across Maharashtra to keep the ethos alive



MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology

Established in 1998, MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology is one of the top fashion institutes in Pune, providing quality fashion education to its students in areas namely Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Textile Design, Jewelry Design, Fashion Merchandising and Sustainable Fashion.

Training Educators at MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology along with visiting Industry experts continuously impart up to date knowledge to the students. Our institute of fashion and technology is committed to shape the students' minds and intellect for present and future fashion scenarios.

MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology offers –


Vision of MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology

Women Empowerment through Education, MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology is committed to evolve as a most conscious and internationally known Fashion Organization.

Mission of MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology

MKSSS's School of Fashion Technology is committed to provide an enriching experience to all its stake holders by providing Conscious Quality input and by governing the required output so as to satisfy the needs of the Industry as well as society with utmost competencies. By default the International Connectivity on one side and the Social Connectivity at the Grass Root level on the other side will be a phenomenal Identity that will make MKSSS'S School of Fashion Technology a unique organization.



Curriculum Implementation

Curriculum Implementation is supported with hard resources such as qualified and efficient faculties, industry resource persons and hardware technology. Wherein School of Fashion Technology resources include special software support in planning, monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning process further advance digital technology and virtual classrooms are envisaged to enhance the curriculum implementation.


About Teaching Fashion Design, Management and Technology Courses:


About Learning Fashion Design, Management and Technology Courses:



Curriculum Enrichment Programs

Keeping in mind the Parameters of Quality, Internationalization and ready for industry, curriculum enrichment programs are divided as follows:


Exposure based Enrichment Programs:


Social Awareness based Enrichment Programs:


Fashion Designer education and training
Social Awareness Enrichment Programs focuses on preparing students to become socially responsible fashion professionals.
Along with these enrichment programs, the focus also is on introducing some value addition fashion courses in the specific areas supporting the curriculum. Conscious Development of Resource Centre and Knowledge Centre namely are meant to support Research.


Curriculum Progression
MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology plans to become one of the most conscious and internationally recognized Fashion Education School.
The students are exposed to Undergraduate and Post Graduate Fashion Courses at national and international level in the form of University and Autonomous Programs. This education model works on integrating the Industry knowledge along with International Exposure to make it most effective.


MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology plans Curriculum Progression in two ways:
1. Vertical Progression: MKSSS’s School Of Fashion Technology plans to commence programs for students who desire to pursue further education. Namely, Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Education at Autonomous Level and Masters in Fashion Design at University Level, PhD programs and Post-Doctoral Programs in Fashion Design.
2. Horizontal Progression: With focus on quality inputs in fashion and its related fields, MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology plans to begin short-term and long-term programs that will add value in the following Fashion fields:
Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Textiles, Jewelry, Personality Development, Costumes, Accessory etc.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Inputs to Students

With the vision of building a conscious human being in the vertical of social, business, fair, sustainable practices and positive personality, MKSSS’s School Of Fashion Technology engages its students in Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities


Co-Curricular Activities


MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology pledges to strengthen students’ development with the help of following:


  1. Promotion Promote Research Culture:
  2. Formulation of Research Centre, Resource Centre, Incubation and Innovation Centre, Field Visit and a Studio.
    Under the guidance of Research Committee of MKSSS’s School Of Fashion Technology, students will be facilitated to do Research Experiments in Fashion design and technology.
    Students will be encouraged to participate in national and international level research-based Fashion design and Fashion technology competitions.

  3. Student Support and Progression:
  4. In order to build a conscious student, MKSSS’s School Of Fashion Technology plans its activities to enhance various skills and talents through supportive activities like:
    Academic Support
    Personal Empowerment

  5. Career Guidance and Placement Support:
  6. Alumni Support
    Feedback and Counseling
    Financial support

  7. Skill Oriented Learning & Teaching:

International Exchange Programs
Graduate Fashion Week
Green Fashion India


Value Education & Community Service through Extension Activity Units
The NSS Unit is pro-actively contributing to community services. The NSS is provided with special workshops of Team Building, Commitment towards Environment, Nation and Society. Besides Residential camp at the Village Pale, in the district Kamshet, the NSS team is committed to groom students from tribal community for Skills and knowledge.
MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology has an association with the NGO "Poornam" and the team is geared up for "Waste Management", by creating interesting Fashion product range that is marketable.


"Craft Village" is a project that aims helping elevate financial status of local artisans by encouraging them bringing in research and innovation in collaboration with Professional Fashion Designers.


"Consortium of Green Fashion" encompasses many activities that contribute to social reach.


To promote Conscious and Green Fashion


To establish linkages with International Organizations for Craft and Green Fashion Research and Promotion and to support Social Service-related activities. To create awareness of health, hygiene and cleanliness by providing experts inputs and activities.


To collaborate with social groups for personality grooming, social awareness and confidence building.


To attain Green Audit for MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology premises and building


Though a Fashion Technology Institute, MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology is committed to train and equip its young women/ female students in areas like self-defense, cyber security awareness, disaster management. Keeping with the ethos, the Institute provides scholarships to needy students and support deserving performing artists.


Human Resource Development

Highly Qualified and efficient work force is the foundation of Progressive Education. MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology selects its Human Resource most consciously. The selected Human Resource is well-trained for taking up the Professional as well as Social Responsibilities. The capacity building programs are encouraged to go for maximum output with flexibility in job roles.
The administrative staff is selected through Test Series and Interviews. To make them more efficient timely training programs are arranged in the areas of audits, taxations, communication and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).


The IQAC is active in planning, monitoring and controlling of the performances.


The training and development of Human Resource will be enhanced in the following manner:


To undertake major and minor research projects and to present the research papers at National & International Conferences along with the publication of papers in Peer Review Journals bearing ISSN and UGC recognized.


Giving international exposure to the faculties through Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Industrial Visits and Workshops.


Establishing interactive platforms at National and International level for the exchange of ideas and experiences so as to enhance the Teaching Learning Process.


To groom the HR to set an example of best services ultimately reaching to the Consumer Satisfaction in every aspect.


To establish incubation center for creating linkages between staff and industry.


To develop Refreshers' Course in the area of Design education.


To arrange faculty enrichment events for Team building, stress & health management.


To provide technology support and training for efficient working.


To encourage capacity programs in administrative staff for job rotation.


To Create support systems such as insurance, transportation, family welfare, family recreation.


To support staff research extensively.


Physical Infrastructure

The smartness of physical infrastructure reflects in the consciously planned modern and traditional areas that gel together so well without leaving the thinnest line of separation. In every aspect of technique technology, machinery and equipment related to Fashion Industry, MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology intends to make this feature more prominent by providing the most antique, traditional and rare techniques along with the most modern technology.

Here we all at School Of Fashion Technology are committed to spectacular Progression in Education and Social reach. Every associate of MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology will carry the values of parent organization irrespective of the place and position.
MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology will aim at getting recognition at National and International level through its value inputs and outputs.
Ultimately SOFTians are committed to help the Fashion Technology School become one of the best in the world.