Prajakta Baride

Design and Studio manager

Nila House

I am a graduate and a post graduate scholar from SOFT- SNDT Mumbai and IICD jaipur. Studied textiles worked in industry for a year and joined IICD because of my inclination towards Indian crafts. I am Currently working at Nila house in Jaipur as a design +studio manager wereas my role has been diversified in the organisation from research, community building, design, to final product development. I am closely working with artisans to setup a sustainable value chain system in hand spinning and weaving sector in villages Having a strong technical background in textile and study in craft has expanded my horizon and my understanding in working towards community to create craft value chain. Have presented two papers on natural dyes and it's production methods in GFI (green fashion India) Have taken more than 20+ international workshops on natural indigo vat making, natural dyeing, printing, embroidery etc. Recently did an international workshop on indigo vat making dyeing during selvedge world fair and eco printing in binnacle.

Sanika Chitnis

Senior Account Manager

Schbang X Estée Laude

People opt for professional courses to get a head start at their careers. But what I learnt at SOFT was so much more that the curriculum. I learnt leadership, sisterhood, accountability and more. During my time at SOFT I truly found my passion- Luxury Brand Management. Which I later went on to explore. Today, as a professional Design Thinker, I'm truly grateful for the solid foundation SOFT gave me.

Ninoshka Alvares

Creative Director


SOFT is not an institute, it is my extended family. I may have graduated, but I've never left SOFT - a place that gave me wings to fly. Nowhere else have I seen an institute go through such great lengths to give their young minds the kind of creative exposure and training in the fashion industry. I have witnessed SOFT grow from strength to strength, and share its success with not just its faculty and students, but with weavers, craftspeople, artists and alumni as well. Its association with other institutions in India as well as abroad has opened up a world full of opportunities for young ladies who aspire to make it big in the fashion industry. I am proud to call School Of Fashion Technology, Pune my alma mater.

Dhanshree Shinde

Chief manager, Visual Merchandiser

Relience trends Ltd.

As an alumnus of School Of Fashion Technology, I have met a plethora of Teachers/ Professors who have poured their lives into their students with all their heart, soul, mind & strength. I owe a large part of my education foundation to School Of Fashion Technology who encouraged me to explore new horizons in Visual Merchandising. I am sure that the precious experience at School Of Fashion Technology have given me these features of character as determination, self-confidence and commitment.

Jahnavi Nair

FAD – 2006-2009

U. G. Course – Fashion Apparel Design

"To me, Fashion is not restricted to only clothing and beauty, but it is all encompassing in creativity and expression. Fashion can define you as a person." My name is Jahnavi Mahajan Nair and I graduated with a First Class bachelor's degree in Fashion Apparel designing. At SOFT I have learnt a lot about fashion, from the super fun drawing classes to developing clothes collections to the actual sewing and finishing, also all about design software, Marketing & fashion show presentation.

Our Fashion professors & faculties were great and they have always helped me to realize wildest ideas and helped to build my own style". I really loved studying at this college because I had no creative restrictions and the opportunity to experiment and create exactly what I wanted.

Today I am a successful Visual Merchandiser with an international brand & have a portfolio of working with renowned brands. In short, SOFT has offered the best in the education Industry, to offer a blend of Fashion and business to its students. I highly recommend this place.

Kusum Verma

Year - 2008–2009

P. G. Course – Fashion Design & Clothing Technology

Studying at the SOFT has changed my life in a way that words cannot describe. It has opened my eyes, and exposed me to newer opportunities that I've only dreamt of seeing before. The teachers at SOFT were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They were down to earth, laid back and easy to get along with. Right from the start they threw exercises at us that were uncomfortable and forced us out of our comfort zone, but it made me better. They had high expectations of us and they made that evident. With their help and guidance along the way, I was able to produce work that is far better than any work I have produced in the past.

Rachna Bhandari

Year - 2002-2003

U. G. Course – Fashion Apparel Design

SOFT us the place where I could identify the creative side in me. Thanx to all the internal and external faculties to teach us how to imagine things out of the box. The Best memory I have is the pattern making room where we were taught draping and I would spend hours together to get my patterns, drapes etc perfect. This is helped me having a strong product knowledge from technical to basics and now this makes me stand out of all the colleagues around…. Thank you to all my mentors who believed I could make a difference differently !!!

Divya Gaur

Year - 2007–2008

P. G. Course – Fashion Design & Apparel Technology

Studying at SOFT has been quite a memorable experience for me. It has enabled me to follow my dreams and make a good career. I would love to visit the campus whenever I am in the city.

Parul Kapur

Year - 2004–2005

P. G. Course – Apparel Production & Merchandising Management

The toughest program to bring out the true gems in to the fashion industry.

Simren Mulchandani

Year - 2012–2013

P. G. Course – Fashion Design & Clothing Technology

My memories of SOFT are still crystal clear as on the last day of college in my Poetry. I would like to share the same poetry again. ****A Soft touch for Softhearts…..**** What I got from this institution A magical spell for beautiful creation A spark, a click and an inspiration… A confidence to go ahead using my imagination The name is big, that makes you dig deep In your soul and beyond your brainy wig Opportunities are many and how to utilise each penny What I learnt here won't forget even after becoming old granny The nervousness before the jury And small fights in fury These lovely moments are meant to be cherished Doing submissions at last moment and not getting worried. Today I realise what all I have missed missing those priceless lectures But nonetheless what I could receive is far more precious…… The experience here is not less than a celebration Have relived each emotion here of Regeneration

Snehal Kadam

Year - 2004-2005

U. G. Course – Fashion Apparel Design

There are lotts of sweetest memories that are linked wid soft..Noone can forget college days in soft. We all miss our those days. We had freshers party in college n dat was superb and I can never frgt dat party in my life. all are very good & genius and these all people gave us lotts of knowledge in fashion designing in short they made us as like as diamond. My college was d best fashion designing college I hv ever seen & I feel vry proud of my college. Today nw I hv my own boutique.people love my designs. My boutique nm hs bcm vry famous and whatever today I m dat is all because of my brilliant teachers & of my college. I love my college & I miss my 'Soft' a lot..

Yogaja Kulkarni

Year - 2010-2013

U. G. Course – B. Design Fashion Design

SCHOOL OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY is taking efforts to teach 'Designing' at a 360 degree angle where they not only cover the creative part of design but also teach the much needed technical side (like teaching pattern making and pattern manipulations, fabric studies, quality assurance subjects like care labels and lab tests) which was respected and appreciated by various companies during my interviews. I discovered that fashion does not restrict itself to women's wear but is largely growing and gives great opportunities for designers in Kid's wear and Men's wear !

Esha Alvi

Year - 2010-2013

U. G. Course – B. Design Fashion Design

I joined the SCHOOL OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY in 2010 to pursue the four year B. Design course with a specialization in Fashion Design. During the four years of my course I have learned a lot at SOFT from the invaluable lessons our teachers taught us. The environment at SOFT always very loved and our teachers helped to mold us into confident designers and always taught us to give our best at whatever we do. Studying at SOFT not only taught me design and improved my design sensibilities, but it also improved my communication skills and taught me to handle multiple fashion events. I am currently interning with the designer Neeta Lulla in Mumbai which I was able to do only because of the education I got at SOFT.

Meenal Partani-Dhoot

Year - 2008-2009

P. G. Course – Fashion Design & Apparel Technology

Studying in SOFT was those years which are just unforgettable…remembered all good n bad times during course..soft has given us so much of exposure to face the outer world…FDAT batch 2008 rocks!!!

Neha Nafde

Year - 2009-2010

U. G. Course – B. Design Fashion Design

Hard work is the way to success and loads of patience. Value the inputs given from on Day 1 till passing out from SOFT is important.