Internship Policies & Procedure

Internship-Placement Policy & Procedure


Chairperson: Dr M.M. Hundekar - Principal, School of Fashion Technology

Internship and Placement Coordinator: Ms Smita Pattanaik - Assistant Professor, School of Fashion Technology
Contact no. 020-66833715

Member: Mr Suresh Karale, Ms Garima Bhalla, Mr Sudhakar Jadhav, Ms Tejashree Rankhambe, Ms Madhura Joshi, Mr Umesh Dharmadhikari, Dr Yogesh Bokil and Ms Anjali Chavan

Advisory Industry Mentors

  1. Mr Jagdeep Shoukeen
  2. Mr Ravi Advani
  3. Ms Ankita Advani
  4. Mr Hemang Agarwal
  5. Ms Karishma Shahani Khan


Internship/Screening for Placement Program

  1. Internship is compulsory for every student and is a part of the Placement program.
  2. As per S.N.D.T Women University requirement, Internship should be for a period of 2 months
  3. Internship is a subject in the Final semester for the B. Design (Fashion Design , Fashion Communication ,Textile Design and Jewellery Design) students.
  4. Internship period will be finalized by Principal at the beginning of Semester 8 and the same cannot be changed to a later date as all further processes are done on the basis of this.
  5. Total Marks allocated for the subject is 100 marks . Below is the breakup of the total marks
    Portfolio and Resume (concerned subject faculty) = 25 marks
    Mentor marks (on completion of Internship) = 25 marks
    College faculty (Internship and placement coordinator) = 25 marks
    External jury = 25 marks
  6. A mid internship review is done to assess the performance of a student at the internship.


Technology :

  1. Internship and placement department holds a session with the students at the beginning of Semester 8 to explain the process, requirements and guidelines for the Internship.
  2. Before applying to the Industry, the Placement department organizes various sessions with Industry experts to give an in-depth knowledge to the students about the industry and how
    to proceed with the right internship opportunity.
  3. Students are guided about the various organizations under the Fashion and Apparel sector like Designing Merchandising and Buying, Production development and sampling, Textiles. Marketing and advertising , Social Media, Content writing , Styling , Graphic designing etc
  4. A Google form is sent to the students to shortlist the Industry / Name of the Organization, Area of interest, City of preference etc. they are keen to apply based on their research.
  5. Students need to submit their Resume and Portfolio to the Internship and Placement department 3 months prior to the Internship start date
  6. Resume workshop needs to be conducted by an Expert who will guide and approve each students resume. All resumes must be saved in the same format.
  7. Portfolio for each student must have a combination of all the work done but special focus must be on the area that the student would like to do her internship. Portfolio must be saved in the same format.
  8. A one to one discussion between each student and the Internship and Placement coordinator is arranged. During the counseling session, student's doubts are resolved and
    their industry preferences, as per their location and area of Interest, is discussed and the Internship and placement department gives options of industries.
  9. The industries are contacted by the placement department and the resumes and portfolios of interested candidates are shared with the interested Industry.
  10. Once the industry gives a positive reply , the department arranges for interviews between the student and the industry.
  11. After receiving confirmation from the Industry , the department sends a college confirmation letter , stating the duration and official letter for the student.
  12. After completion of the internship , the students are required to submit a detailed Internship report
  13. A feedback form is also sent to the industry mentor/HR for them to evaluate the work of the student.