Alumni Association

School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune, India's alumni are today working with leading garments organisation not only in export sector but also in domestic market. The designers too employ graduates of School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune, India because of their artistic insights tempered with technical discipline & creative expression balanced by their merchandising and market expertise. What is equally significant is the fact that the self-confidence gained at School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune, India has encouraged several young graduates to become entrepreneurs.


Dr. M.M. Hundekar (Ex-offcio, Principal), President
Mrs.  Garima Bhalla (Ex-Officio, HOD), Secretary
Mrs. Mallika Dabhade Samant, Treasurer
Mrs. Amruta Kakatkar, Member
Mrs. Reema Chougule, Member
Mrs. Mohika Josh, Member
Mrs. Varsha Bandal, Member
Mrs. Mrudula Kolhatkar, Member
Ms. Snehal  Ninale, Member